In the last few weeks the world has been a pretty crazy place to be in. What started off as ‘just another flu’ that only affected the elderly quickly turned to a global pandemic, affecting the young, old and everything between too. Covid-19 has pushed economies near breaking-point, has brought stock-markets to a grinding halt and has brought nearly a worldwide healthcare system to it’s knees.


But as humans do, we adapt. The #stayhome campaign brought millions to light of how staying home limits the spread of the virus and how the simple act of just staying indoors can literally save the lives of those around you by eliminating yourself as a carrier of the virus. Basic hygiene has been emphasised, reminding us all of how important it is to just wash your hands, catch your coughs and sneezes and little factors that we were really just taught to do when we were kids. And while this is still an extremely new virus with education and knowledge still extremely limited, I think this is one of the best periods of time where social media influencers and other online platforms could be using this precious time to give back to their followers in the form of education and encouragement of just how important it is to stay home, and stay sanitary.


What has completely blown my mind is how much of a global impact this virus has had on a community level; both physically and over social media. This is the first time I have truly appreciated the phrase “we are all in it together” and actually understood the magnitude of it. We have seen so many people doing such amazing things to alleviate the personal pressures of staying within the four walls of our homes; We have seen music artists, poets and literary enthusiasts blossom from all corners of the globe with free performances and live-streamed shows. We have seen fitness instructors and other health professions pose challenges and shift to online classes. We have seen the education sectors scramble and exhaust all efforts to ensure the academic year isn’t lost, and students are able to continue working towards their studies. And above and beyond, we have seen a mass effort to support and show our appreciation for each and every healthcare worker, essential service worker and all those standing on the absolute frontline to protect us being pinned, liked and shared across all platforms. To that, I immediately wish to express my personal gratitude towards the selflessness shown by those putting their own lives at risk to ensure our safety and protection; Thank You.


As I mentioned before, I feel it is only the duty of influencers to use their platforms in a responsible and educated manner, and I have always liked to think I have brought a level empathy to my blog as my trademark. And I wish to pursue that now more than ever. Personally, this has been a very new, very surreal and very scary time for me. I have found it ridiculously obscure and abnormal to be indoors so much, and literally to have to have nowhere to go. Just before the virus struck my own country, I had a horrid chest infection that took weeks to shake, and in that time the virus found route to South African soil.
Paranoia hit me hard. If I’m honest, I still am. I have had a few nights where I have just broken down and cried over the phone to both friends and family out of sheer fear of what could happen, the uncertainty of what will happen, and took extreme measures to ensure those close to me knew how much they meant to me in case of that ‘what if’ lingering in the back of all our minds became a reality. I think it’s important to share that, because who knows, maybe this was you and you felt you were the only one feeling this or maybe you know someone else who is having a hard time with this or struggling to adapt.
The point is, you are not alone. None of us are.


What I really wanted to do was piece together a ‘survival guide’ on how to not go totally nuts during this period of isolation, and how to make the most of your social distanced experience. In addition, I think it is only appropriate that seeing as though this is essentially my bucket list blog that I should build you a quarantine bucket list to try smash through in your spare time; rather than getting stuck in your own head or letting anxieties and overthinking get the better of you.


So here it is, THE QUARANTINE BUCKET LIST, and if you have anything you want to contribute then please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know so we can build onto this. Alternatively, you can find me on my other social media platforms. Enjoy!


1. Learn to paint (every evening I am self-teaching watercolour painting; find it on Instagram under the ‘Coronacation’ highlight)
2. Join the 1000 items club; or have a thorough spring clean
3. Tune in to Credible TV on Facebook most evenings for some Techno music jams.
4. Stretching; alternatively joining online yoga classes – I HIGHLY recommend Yama Yoga and Hotpod Yoga
5. Trying a Facemask recipe off Pinterest
6. Trying a Hair mask recipe off Pinterest
7. Building a flower press
8. Read a book
9. Learn to cook a recipe
10. Get into a good morning routine
11. Get into a good evening routine
12. Try a Tik Tok
13. Learn a new skill
14. Take part in a daily initiative challenge (or make your own)
15. Meditate outside for 10min a day
16. Find a new podcast channel – for my teacher and parent friends, I can recommend Preschool and Beyond, hosted by the Discovery Child Development Center in North Carolina, USA
17. Build a puzzle
18. Have a group chat with friends
19. Try a home workout or challenge
20. Find a new series to binge – I have admittedly become really addicted to Bob’s Burgers, you’ll often catch a glimpse of it on my laptop screen in most of my desk photos
21. Try meal prepping
22. Make something crafty
23. Watch a movie
24. FaceTime or video call friends or relatives
25. Organise your drawers
26. Make a concerted effort to drink more water
27. Try a breathing exercise – I can recommend following Tarin Calmeyer on her Instagram account for an amazing collection of exercises, join her Live too!
28. Clear out your photo gallery
29. TURN OFF THE NEWS FOR A DAY – It’ll still be there tomorrow, it’s not going anywhere, try playing your favourite music instead
30. Make a list of good habits you want to pick up, make a list of bad habits you want to break
31. Make a donation to the World Health Organisation
32. Take an online course

I hope this helps in some way and I really encourage you to share what you are doing. I have got a few exciting blogs and activities in the works that I hope to share with you soon, but in the meantime; stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy and stay home.