Running Raindrops

I’ll openly admit that I’m a bit of a princess when it comes to 2 things; the cold, and the rain. You could just about imagine my non-existent delight by the idea of getting stuck outside in the rain, with a blisteringly cold wind and minimal clothing… pretty much not, right? Well that totally changed today.
I’m not going to lie, a few weeks ago when Liam first told me about this bizarre concept of running in the rain I cringed for a solid hour. A couple downpours had come and gone, each time with an invitation to join in and some short-lived anticipation as to whether or not I’d actually join. I didn’t. Obviously.


Waking up this morning, the little town of Whanganui was draped in grey clouds and a periodic drizzle teased a 50/50 chance of whether a run was going to be wet or dry. Liam messaged to ask if I was keen, and I don’t know what got into me, but I agreed to go. Already sitting at 13°C, I knew I was going to be a little cold – which is fine on a run and I had enough time to accept and get over that… but when the drizzle came in and slowly settled into a light shower, it was as if each one of my senses had never been so in-tune with everything around me.
For the first time ever, there was nowhere else I would have rather been than out on the trails on a cold, wet day with nothing more than my running gear on.


I have got to say, New Zealand stole my heart with its diversified shades of greenery in every corner of every hill, but seeing it through the raindrops only amplified what I thought couldn’t get any better. The smell of the wet trees, ferns and moss covered bark smelt like Mother Nature’s perfume. Feeling the falling drops tickle my exposed skin on my legs, hand and face was somewhat overwhelming, but in a good way, and I don’t think I can ever recall seeing my smiling face reflecting back at me from so many puddles.


I’ve got to say, Liam’s manage to quickly develop this remarkable talent for roping me into situations that force me to nudge a little out my comfort zone for the sake of adventure… and so far I can’t say that I’ve regretted it. Here is to more rainy day runs and more comfort zone crushing adventures.